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Vaji Vedic - Male Enhancement Supplement Pills

Vaji Vedic Male Enhancement PillsVaji Vedic is a new male-enhancement pill from the people who brought you Mojo Risen, so you know IT WORKS! Unfortunately, like Mojo Risen, the product is no longer being manufactured.

Vaji Vedic increases blood-flow to the penis, often resulting in longer, harder, fatter erections.  Men who use Vaji Vedic often experience an increase in sexual confidence, lasting power and stronger climaxes.

Going away on that romantic weekend? When you use Vaji Vedic, there's no worry that your partner will "catch you" using an aid. You'll only have to take it once. But this powerful healing supplement gorges the vital areas of your body with blood, increasing not only your pleasure . . .but your size as well.

Give your partner all you can! with Vaji Vedic 

Go BIG & STRONG... with Vaji Vedic Sexual Stamina All Night Long!

  • Vaji Vedic kicks your libido into maximum overdrive within minutes!
  • Vaji Vedic gives you the sustained stamina you need to perform like a raging bull!
  • Vaji Vedic pumps so much fresh "juice" into your penis, your partner will wonder where that extra "inch" came from!
  • Vaji Vedic gives you solid steel erections, and doesn't let up - even if you drink!
  • Vaji Vedic reduces any form of premature ejaculation so you can give your partner hours of endless, non-stop pleasure!
  • Vaji Vedic keeps you rock hard, even after multiple ejaculations!
  • Vaji Vedic stays in your body for up to 2-3 days. If you need to have sex repeatedly, you will be able to perform on cue with absolute ease!
  • Vaji Vedic has no nasty health damaging side effects!
  • Vaji Vedic provides you with the abilty to unload the most explosive orgasmic ejaculation you've ever experienced!



The Synergistic Rebalancing Ingredients That Can Create Fireworks in Your Bedroom Again!

The main ingredient that works super swiftly in this unbelievably swift acting formula is an herb called Ashwagandha, and it's been the cornerstone tool of the Ayurvedic system for literally thousands of years. This herb has even been noted in the classic ancient text, the Kama Sutra for its ability to act as an aphrodisiac.

But that's not all! Look at these other outstanding herbal and nutritional ingredients.

Shilaji -- Destroyer of Weakness. A resin found in the Himalayan Mountains, this astonishing rejuvenating resin literally translates from the ancient as the "destroyer of weakness" and the "conqueror of mountains." It turbocharges your natural internal sexual energy, infusing its health-giving qualities into every cell in your body. How can it not turbocharge your energy?

In China, VajiVedic's third super-swift acting ingredient, Epimederium Saggittatum, is known as Horny Goat Weed. It's legendary for its awe-inspiring ability to re-awaken lagging sexual desire -- in both men and women -- as well as to overcome erectile dysfunction.

L-Arginine, another crucial member of this synergistic blend, is a naturally occurring amino acid, an essential building block of overall good health -- and especially of a healthy sex life. Found in meat, fish, poultry and dairy products, this ingredient speeds and increases blood flow throughout the body -- including the penis, contributing to longer, more satisfying sexual performances.

Deer Velvet Antler has been proven scientifically to be a versatile tonic for overall health and especially targets sexual health. Not only is it a natural source of a host of various amino acids, but it contains an abundance of vitamin A, calcium, magnesium and zinc. But you'll be most interested in the awesome effects it has on kicking your sex drive into high gear. And it does this in both men and women.

Renowned in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cnidium Monnier, works with your body to provide a greater flow of blood, resulting in a longer lasting, harder erection. Modern science has finally unlocked the secret to its amazing power. Cnidium Monnier increases your own production of nitric oxide, which aids in the relaxation of the smooth muscles necessary for that satisfying sexual experience.

Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa is a naturally occurring organic substance found worldwide. This superstar of healing is relatively unknown to the West; but its potency in legendary throughout all regions of the East. helps to relax the muscles in the pelvic area as well, which allows that wondrous flow of blood which translates into longer lasting erections. It does through this by stopping the action of a specific enzyme which blocks your ability to experience erections.

Vaji Vedic

I used Vaji Vedic numerous times and it's become my favorite male enhancer replacing Mojo Risen. For me Mojo is intense, gives me a flashing light effect, works with almost no stimulation and last 4 to 6 hours then i kind of crash from it. I am 54 and Vaji Vedic is more controlable, It feels more natural and keeps me feeling like a 20 year old for 2 days. My gun feels loaded but I don't get an erection when the wind blows like Mojo

Good Strong STUFF

This is some strong stuff. I took one pill on a Thursday, in preparation for a Friday date. Friday years old and will not go a weekend without my turned into Saturday and Saturday turned into Sunday. Be ready for Strong...Long...Never to be Gone Love Making On Demand. By the way, I am 59 and won't go a weekend without my Vaji Vedic.

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