Trevo Nutritional Formula

Trevo Nutritional Liquid Drink

Trévo™ is a NEW liquid dietary supplement made from 174 natural ingredients from around the world. Give your family the nutrition it needs.

Trévo™ powerful formula will restore, renew, and revive your energy and mental focus.

Trévo™ is not just another fruit drink, nor is it just another multi-vitamin. In a world of sugar-filled juice drinks and caffeine-saturated energy shots, Trévo™ stands alone as a complete health system in one bottle. Containing 174 of nature's finest nutraceutical ingredients from around the globe, Trévo™ is unlike any other nutritional supplement you will find on the market. This remarkable formula provides you and your family with a quick, delicious and easy way to restore, renew and revive your bodies.

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Trévo™ Benefits

  • Vibrant Good Health
  • Increased Energy
  • Enahanced Mental Focus
  • Weight Management
  • Cardiovascular System Health
  • Immune System Health
  • Healthy Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Levels
  • Digestive System Health
  • Anti-Aging
  • Proper pH Levels
  • Sports and Overexertion Recovery
  • Increased Sense of Well-Being


About Trévo™

Deep in the dense jungles of the Amazon Rainforest, in the remote valleys nestled in the shadow of Tibet’s Himalayan Mountains, in the depths of crystal-blue oceans, and in a multitude of other exotic and far-flung locales around the globe, nature has provided an awe-inspiring wealth of nutraceuticals.

Nutrients that have the power to not only sustain life, but to even protect mankind from disease and prolong his longevity; nutrients that literally hold the secret of wellness. For the past several years, Trévo has been on a worldwide quest to unlock nature’s secrets, to identify and obtain her most prized nutraceuticals.

Trévo Creation Story

Applying the nutraceutical knowledge gained during our global research, Trévo has created a one-of-a-kind blend of 174 of the very finest ingredients that nature has to offer, gathered from the four corners of the globe and masterfully combined into a delicious, highly bio-available liquid.

  1. South America
    We uncovered amazing stories of South American tribes who enjoyed glowing good health and an amazing resistance to even the most dreaded diseases. So we looked to the Amazon Rainforest, home to some of medicine’s most stunning pharmacological discoveries. There we found the graviola tree, which has been cultivated in Peru since pre-Columbian times. In fact, its fruit was often represented in ceramics of the time. We found that local legends tell of indigenous peoples who often utilized different parts of the graviola tree, such as the bark, root, leaves, fruit and seeds, for medicinal use in the treatment of diabetes, indigestion, intestinal parasites, and even certain types of cancer. They even used graviola as a type of very mild sedative. Another rainforest nutritional treasure is the fabulous camu camu berry. Folklore tales dating back more than 700 years describe Amazonian Indian tribes using this fruit to effectively help treat infections, decrease pain, strengthen joints, and even maintain longevity. Today, scientists have found that the camu camu fruit is rich in Vitamin C and contains 30 to 60 times more vitamin C than an orange or lemon. The camu camu berry is also an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, and various amino acids. Besides its vitamin and mineral content, the fruit is also rich in anthocyanins, amino acids, flavonoids and has very strong antioxidant activity. As our quest for nutritional knowledge continued, we turned our eyes toward the acai berry. For centuries, the acai berry has been eaten and used for medicinal reasons by the natives of the Amazon rain forests. And, of course, we were fascinated to learn the legend of the acai. This legend tells how the palm tree that produces the acai berry was discovered accidentally by an Amazon Indian girl named Iaca, the daughter of a tribal chieftain. Facing devastating famine, this chief declared that no children would be allowed to be born into the tribe until a new food source was found. Iaca, the chief's own daughter, was with child at the time. After her child was sacrificed, a grief-stricken Iaca ran into the forest that there discovered the acai palm bearing a wealth of bountiful dark purple fruit. Tragically, the discovery of this new food source could have saved the life of Iaca's daughter, causing it to be called "the fruit that cries." The tribe's leader named the fruit acai (Iaca inverted) in honor of his daughter, and his tribe once again prospered. From a health standpoint, the acai berry is one of the most nutritious and powerful foods in the world. Acai contains a remarkable concentration of antioxidants that help combat premature aging, as well as valuable phytonutrients and a nearly perfect amino acid complex. Some of the more well-known health benefits of the acai include weight management support, increased energy and enhanced mental focus, not to mention cardiovascular and circulatory support. Continuing our search through the lush jungles of South America, we heard amazing stories of how the Mapuche Indians of Chile have, for centuries, been known for their remarkable strength and endurance. We discovered that maqui berries have, for many hundreds of years, been a dietary staple of the Mapuches. According to legend, the ancient Mapuche regarded maqui as a sacred and powerful plant, and used maqui fruit as an essential part of its medical practices. But the most exciting and legendary use of maqui was the strength, stamina and overall good health it provided to Mapuche warriors. The Spanish conquistadors who were repeatedly defeated by the Mapuche tribes reportedly said that the extreme stamina and strength of the natives came from the daily consumption of a beverage made from the maqui berry. Our South American quest for knowledge, however, did not end in Chile. We also found that that the ancient Incas treasured pau d'arco as a major plant source used to promote health and immunity. In fact, indications imply that the use of pau d'arco may actually pre-date the Incas. We found that they Guarani and Tupi tribes called the pau d'arco tree "tajy," which means "to have strength and vigor." They used the bark not only to fashion hunting bows but also to treat a variety of health conditions. A tonic made from the pau d'arco tree was traditionally used for good health, strength and endurance.
  2. Far East
    Next, we turned our investigation toward the mysterious Far East. There we discovered marvelous stories of remarkable longevity and good health, even in extremely remote and undeveloped villages. These stories all seemed to be connected to the wonders of centuries-old Ayurvedic traditional medicine. Roughly translated, the word Ayurveda, or Ayurvedic, means “the science of life.” We began our research of the Far East in northern India, where we found the amalaki tree. This amazing tree enjoys a prominent position in Indian culture and is celebrated during the amalaki fruit harvesting season. Under the glow of a full moon, families gather under nearby amalaki trees and give thanks for the bounty of these trees. Folklore says that even just sitting under an amalaki tree will lead to greater vitality, strength, and overall health. Amalaki is highly regarded in Ayurveda for promoting the perfect digestion that leads to radiant health and youthful aging as well as shining eyes, skin and hair. Next, we discovered that the fabulous bacopa has been revered for centuries in the Ayurvedic herbal traditions of India. It is said that the use of bacopa for memory enhancement goes back 3,000 years or more in India, when it was discovered to benefit brain function, including memory and learning skills, and to help manage anxiety, depression and stress. A traditional Ayurvedic medicine used to treat mental disorders and epilepsy, this wonder-herb appears to strengthen memory as well as improve mental focus and concentration by enhancing the conductivity of nerve tissue. One of our most exciting and joyous discoveries involved the goji berries of Tibet. The natives of this mountainous region say that eating goji berries in the morning will make you happy the entire day, as its amazing nutritional properties create a sense of well-being and optimism. Indeed, nomadic peoples of Mongolia and Tibet have, for many centuries, found that regular consumption of goji berries supports a long, vigorous and happy life. Loaded with nutrients and powerful antioxidants, 18 amino acids, more beta carotene than carrots, 21 trace minerals, more iron than spinach, 500 times more vitamin C by weight than oranges, 13% protein and many other vitamins and minerals including calcium, magnesium, vitamins B1, B2, B6, and E, goji berries feature prominently in both ancient and current Tibetan medicine. Looking back to India, we set out on the trail of an herb so powerful that its name in Sanskrit is“Brahmi,” which means wisdom or consciousness. Gotu kola, an ancient medicinal herb used in India, Indonesia and China for thousands of years, has long been associated with enhanced energy, improved brain function, and longevity. In fact, we discovered that gotu kola has been called one of the "miracle elixirs of life" because legend has it that an ancient Chinese herbalist lived for more than 200 years as a result of using this remarkable herb. According to Ayurveda, the gotu kola herb is one of the chief herbs for revitalizing the nerves and brain cells; hence, it is primarily known as a "brain food" in India. Another Far East herb that boasts quite a fascinating legend is ashwagandha. This herb has been used for 4,000 years in India and is featured prominently in the ancient art of Ayurveda where it is used to boost energy and vitality. Sometimes called Indian Ginseng, Ayurvedic medicine refers to ashwagandha as both a vitalizer and a mood-stabilizer. One other nutritional jewel from the Far East that captivated our imagination and attention was the schizandra berry. This remarkable berry has a long history going back many centuries and, according to ancient Chinese herbal texts, it was believed that schizandra could “prolong the years of life without aging.” The fact that it has been in continuous use for at least 5,000 years and has been horded, revered, and praised by the cultures of China, Japan, and Korea demonstrates that the reputation of schizandra is well-founded.
  3. South China Sea
    The next stop on our worldwide quest was the beautiful South China Sea where we found a delicious fruit with quite a royal name. The mangosteen fruit has such an exquisite flavor that it has been given the nickname of the"Queen of Fruits." Interestingly, mangosteen has been used for thousands of years in Chinese, Ayurvedic and folk medicine in Asia. Dried and ground, these traditional medical practices used the rind against internal and external infections. Poultices of the whole mangosteen were used to treat skin conditions, and an extract of mangosteen pulp was used to control fever. The mangosteen has also been reported to have been relied upon as nutrition for individuals who, because of illness, were unable to eat other foods. Exceptionally rich in xanthones and antioxidant-packed nutrients, mangosteen is not only a wonderfully delicious superfood, it also offers up amazing health benefits.
  4. South Pacific
    We then turned our attention to the wealth of nutritionally-rich exotic fruits found in the glorious South Pacific area. Our tropical trek brought us to the amazing noni. This miraculous plant was named “noni” by ancient Hawaiian healers who treasured its astounding medicinal properties. References to the use of noni date back many centuries and there are almost 40 recorded herbal remedies from these healers of old that involve combinations of the noni root, stems, bark, leaves, flowers and fruit. In fact, medicinal use of the noni plant is even mentioned in ancient Sanskrit writings from India. From a nutritional standpoint, this tropical powerhouse has long been known for its beneficial effect when it comes to emotional and mental wellness. And although the jury is still out on precisely what makes noni work, a number of clinical studies indicate that noni’s high xeronine content works at a cellular level, making noni extremely helpful for burns, digestion, heart health, and immune system health. Plus, its antioxidant properties are quite possibly an important key in unlocking the secrets of anti-aging and longevity.
  5. The Big Blue Marble
    Next we dove into the brilliant blue oceans that have given our planet the nickname of “the big blue marble.” The first “pearl” of underwater nutrition that we encountered was the sea vegetable called bladderwrack. Now, bladderwrack has been a part of natural medicine for centuries, with recorded use dating back to at least the 19th century. Sometimes called “sea wrack," bladderwrack was found to be particularly beneficial in the treatment of thyroid disorders and obesity. Even back then, physicians found that the high iodine content of this herb appeared to stimulate thyroid function, which boosted metabolism. Nutritionally, bladderwrack is rich in iodine, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, sulfur, silicon and iron and high in some B-complex vitamins. In addition to phosphorus, selenium, manganese, zinc and small amounts of vitamins A, C, E and G, bladderwrack also contains the anti-sterility vitamin S as well as vitamin K. Swimming on through the sparkling forests of sea vegetables, we found another amazing sea vegetable called dulse. Found in the waters of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, an absolutely charming legend surrounds the delicate dulse. In the coastal villages of Northern Ireland, it is often said that throwing dulse into a body of water will bring peace to the thrower. To this day, it is not uncommon to find sandwiches of bread and nutrient-rich dulse leaves gracing the lunch tables of Ireland. When it comes to nutrition, though, dulse is much more than folklore. Possessing a mildly spicy flavor, dulse is extremely high in vitamins B6 and B12, as well as iron, potassium and fluoride. Unlike other sea vegetables, it is relatively low in sodium. This delicious sea vegetable also contains a large shopping list of other vitamins and nutrients, including vitamins C, E, and A, magnesium, calcium, dietary fiber and protein. Additionally, dulse is a natural source for Iodine, essential for thyroid gland and thyroid hormone secretion.
  6. Okinawa Japan
    Our last underwater adventure took us to the gloriously blue waters surrounding the islands of Okinawa, Japan. There, the pristine Pacific is home to a very unique form of coral; Sango coral, to be exact. As far back as the 1700’s, this particular type of coral was found in European medical reference books as “coral to purify the blood.” (“Palestra Farmaceutica Quimico-Alencia” anno 1792 by Felix Palacios)

Trévo™ Product Overview

Discover the Power of Wellness Imagine having energy to spare, enhanced mental focus, vibrant good health, and a wonderful sense of well-being. That is what we call the power of wellness, and that is the revolutionary power of Trévo.

Trévo is not just another fruit drink, nor is it just another multi-vitamin. In a world of sugar-filled juice drinks and caffeine-saturated energy shots, Trévo stands alone as a complete health system in one bottle. Containing 174 of nature’s finest nutraceutical ingredients from around the globe, Trévo is unlike any other nutritional supplement you will find on the market. This remarkable formula provides you and your family with a quick, delicious and easy way to restore, renew and revive your bodies.

The beauty of this unique formulation is that it actually replaces what the body is missing from today’s nutrient-depleted diets. And, because of the way our scientists have designed its formulation, Trévo will work just as well for a 2-year-old as it will for adults of all ages. It really is the best of all nutritional worlds! Trévo is, in fact, a delicious answer to your family’s need for complete, natural nutrition.

So, are you ready to enjoy increased energy, enhanced mental focus, vibrant good health and even weight management support? If so, Trévo is the answer you have been searching for.

The Power of Trévo’s Unique Formula

Trévo provides your body with essential vitamins and minerals, vital trace minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, powerful antioxidants, digestive enzymes and Co-Enzyme Q10.

The sources of these life-giving nutrients come from around the world and include phytonutrients from familiar garden fruits as well as exotic fruits, green superfoods, garden vegetables, sea vegetables, herbs, and coral calcium complex. And to really supercharge the nutritional benefits of each ingredient, we have added fulvic acid, which is an amazing electrolyte that actually supercharges all the nutrients in Trévo.

Trévo Supports:

  • Vibrant good health
  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced mental focus
  • Weight management
  • Cardiovascular system health Immune system health
  • Healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • Digestive system health
  • Anti-aging
  • Proper pH levels
  • Sports and overexertion recovery
  • A wonderful sense of well-being

Discover The Fabulous Health Benefits Of Trévo’s Three-Phase Formula

The first phase is called “Restore.” It is designed to restore vital energy and mental focus naturally by stimulating your body with a myriad of powerful nutraceuticals including fabulous energy-enhancing botanicals and superfruits such as gotu kola, ashwagandha, borojo, bacopa, schizandra fruit, Korean ginseng, and noni fruit. We have also included energy boosting essential vitamins and minerals, amino acids, plant and sea trace minerals, Co-enzyme Q10, alpha lipoic acid, and grape seed extract.

Our 2nd phase is called “Renew.” It is designed to renew your body with a proprietary phytonutrient-rich blend of life-giving fruits, vegetables, and sea vegetables as well as essential fatty acids from borage seed oil and flaxseed oil. Plus it features chlorella, blue green spirulina, barley grass, kelp, and wheatgrass, which are all referred to as green superfoods.

Our 3rd phase is called “Revive.” This phase is designed to revive your body’s anti-aging and immune function support with exotic, free radical-fighting super-antioxidants such as camu camu, maqui berries, mangosteen, acai berries, amalaki fruit, acerola cherries, and goji berries. We have also included potent coral calcium complex as well as phytonutrient-packed herbs like ellagic acid, graviola, turmeric, green tea, lycopene, milk thistle, pau d’arco, cat’s claw, bilberry, and hawthorne berry.

Imagine – all the fabulous nutritional benefits of the very best ingredients nature has to offer all in one delicious formulation. Trévo is quick, it’s easy, and it works, without any artificial sweeteners! That’s right; the naturally delicious flavor of Trévo is derived from its wonderful fruit ingredients.

Trévo’s Power Of Wellness Is Ideal For Every Member Of Your Family!

Ages 2-12
Starting your children on Trévo during their crucial developmental years provides an excellent foundation for vibrant health and longevity. Without proper nutrition, children in this age group face a significantly increased potential for developing life-threatening and obesity-related diseases and attention deficit problems. By making Trévo a part of your children’s daily regimen, however, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your children are receiving optimum nutrition each and every day.

Ages 13-60
Lack of energy, mental focus and attention deficit problems are common among people in this age group. As in the younger group just mentioned, nutrient-depleted food and poor nutritional habits are among the prime contributors to the high occurrence of disease that plagues this age group. And, as with the younger age group, Trévo provides the nutrition needed to enjoy vibrant good health, enhanced mental focus, increased energy and much more.

Ages 61 and older
A significant rise in cancer, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as a number of other life-threatening and debilitating diseases, has been noted among this age group. As activity levels decrease among these people, appetite also decreases. This commonly results in dangerously reduced nutrient levels. Such low nutrient levels create a huge need for the super-nutrition available in each and every delicious ounce of Trévo.

Activate And Accelerate Trévo’s Power Of Wellness

Activation Level
Two ounces of Trévo’s super-nutrition per day activates your body’s response to the positive effects of Trévo. This activation level can be enjoyed in one or two ounce servings per day, with or without food. Children between the ages of 2 and 12 should consume 1⁄4 ounce for every 20 pounds of body weight, not to exceed one ounce per day.

Acceleration Level
Many people enjoy accelerated health benefits by taking three ounces of Trévo each day. Significantly increased energy levels and weight management support are just two of the benefits most frequently noticed by those who drink an acceleration level of Trévo.

Trévo Gives You High-Quality, Eco-Friendly “Liquid Health In A Bottle”!

  • Trévo embraces current efforts to preserve our planet and her resources. The Trévo™ packaging is completely bio-degradable, ensuring that our bottles will never contribute to the increasing dilemma of landfills overflowing with non-biodegradable plastic bottles that will still be intact hundreds of years from now.
  • All of our product’s ingredients are 100% vegetarian and a number of these high-quality natural ingredients are even certified organic.
  • Trévo’s one-of-a-kind nutraceutical product is blended and bottled in a CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) facility. This facility not only meets but exceeds the FDA’s Code of Federal Regulations.
  • Trévo is a member of the prestigious Brunswick Laboratory ORAC Certification Program. ORAC stands for “Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity” and it is a proven method of measuring the antioxidant capacities of different foods. ORAC antioxidant scoring is so accurate that it has been adopted by the USDA Human Nutrition Center on Aging. Trévo has its liquid nutraceutical product routinely tested by the scientists at Brunswick Labs, so when we say that Trévo’s ORAC score is over 373,000 per bottle, it is a certified fact. 

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Your Enroller: Online Coral Calcium, Inc.,
Phone # 914.333.0466, CID# 4398688

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Trévo™ Weight-Loss Story

"I have lost 18 pounds on Trévo within the first 3 months of being on it. Here is the great thing ... over the past 3-4 weeks I have been invited to a lot of events/gatherings/parties where the food served is loaded with calories and fat. I have not gained 1 pound back so far by indulging myself! So, Trévo is not only helping me lose weight in a moderate fashion, it also helps me maintain what I have lost! Is that great news or what?"
~ Jayne L.

Trévo™ Product Testimonies


"I started taking Trévo about 2 months ago. I immediately noticed the difference in my energy and stamina! Plus, I don't feel I need to eat as much, so I've even lost a few pounds. It's amazing what happens when you feed your body the nutrients it needs. I also have less pain, so I was able to cut back on my medication for arthritis. I'm very excited about Trévo because I'm getting so much more quality nutrition and it's costing me a whole lot less. I hated the hassle of taking all those pills that barely got absorbed anyway. Now I take my Trévo in the morning and I'm good to go! It's fast, easy, and convenient and it works! Trévo is the answer I have been searching for."

~ Lorraine A.


"I started drinking 2oz to 3oz of delicious Trévo a day for health reasons. I loved the extra energy and clarity, and my health improved greatly. Then I noticed my food cravings no longer controlled me and I started making better food choices. It's been the easiest 68 pounds I've ever lost. Drinking and sharing Trévo with others has its perks. I love enhancing my family's lives with all my green Trévo checks. What separates us from everyone else is that Trévo will be the next billion dollar brand. Don't regret not getting busy now in sharing this life-changing opportunity. Your family will be glad you did."

~ Jaye G. 


"Thanks to Trévo, I no longer have to take OTC antacids at all, I have enough energy to get me through the day, my mental focus has increased, I've shed a few pounds because I don't have the cravings anymore, and I just plain feel healthier! I am looking forward to more amazing results as time goes on!"

~ Jan M. 


"Trévo gives me energy that will last all day, better mental focus and it also takes some of my food cravings away. Indiana Loves Trévo!"

~ Tim M.


"Even with the hard rains of yesterday Trévo has worked its magic again and kept me migraine free. I am so happy that I can live a migraine-free life now! Thanks Trévo!"

~ Laurie S.


"Thanks to Trévo, now I only need 1 oz a day instead of 6 different herb, vitamin, and amino acid supplements! Trévo has it all!

~ Ron L.  


"I have dropped 13 lbs. in 5 weeks just taking Trévo before meals! WITHOUT dieting or changing the way I eat! Trévo not only gives me the energy I need to get through my day and a clear mental focus, but it also helps curb my appetite so I eat less. I love my Trévo!"

~ Kelly S. 


"I have lost 18 pounds on Trévo within the first 3 months of being on it. Here is the great thing ... over the past 3-4 weeks I have been invited to a lot of events/gatherings/parties where the food served is loaded with calories and fat. I have not gained 1 pound back so far by indulging myself! So, Trévo is not only helping me lose weight in a moderate fashion, it also helps me maintain what I have lost! Is that great news or what?"

~ Jayne L. 


"I started taking Trévo at the beginning of May 2010. I'm a diabetic. Trévo has increased my energy level and my alertness! I work very long hours on the go. I highly recommend Trévo."

~ Craig S.


"I've been to 5 top suppliers in my town and no one can come close to touching the ingredients in Trévo. It would take several different bottles of product at a tremendous cost!"

~ Trish M.


"Trévo will put a `SMILE` on your face, a `GLOW` to your skin, and a`PEP`in your step! Plus, those green checks are really great! 

~ Bonney H.


"I heard a terrible crash in my bedroom and went to look....and there in my walk in closet was all my fat clothes on the floor. They had weighed my rods down so much it all came down. I have lost 35 lbs using Trévo and had 6 green checks on my desk, so I bagged up the clothes and went shopping and bought me a new wardrobe."

~ Penny L. 


"Trévo has changed my life. No more migraine headaches...losing weight...and I wake up before the teenagers love more monster drinks for them...all natural now! Trévo is for your whole family!"

~ Lori C.


"Had a horse fall with me. I was trying to get around some trotty cows on a hillside and one went down. I hit hard and he hit with me. We were on a downhill slope and so we both kept rolling. We are both OK, I only got a little sore and had very little bruising. I attribute this to Trévo. It is an amazing product!"

~ Beth H.


"Purity and sufficiency should be our goal for everything we put into our bodies. Proper food choices are key to maintaining a healthy, active, purposeful life. Trévo offers so many positive food choices in just one bottle, it's no wonder people are having such great results when they use it."

~ Dr. Brian W.


"Trévo is amazing!! Natural health in a bottle, for the entire family."

~ Randa W.


"Even on a college campus, those all nighters I have my Trévo shot'ssss plural :) keeping me up and FOCUSED. If your student is not on Trévo, get them on it ASAP. It works for me and my friends!"

~ Devin U.


"TREVO is amazing!!! Not only does my family experience natural energy throughout the day, but I have a piece of mind knowing that my family is getting all the nutrition they need. Guess what? Just got the mail...we didn't have ONE check, but TWO checks from TREVO!!! This is AWESOME."

~ Trina M.


"What a fabulous product that helps people get healthy and stay healthy."

~ Cindy M.


"The very first time I tried Trévo, within 20 minutes I felt an energy boost. I was more focused, my mind was sharper, and this lasted all day. I find that I'm sleeping better, eating less, and craving less junk food.

"I've also noticed that after sitting for long period of time and then standing up that I don't have the stiffness in my legs anymore. All the bones in my body feel like they are stronger and I feel more flexible. I have had problems with my eyes drying out and having that burning sensation on a daily basis and now that is gone. My hearing is getting better, I can now eat foods that before gave me indigestion, and I have a better attitude towards everyday life situations.


"Another thing that I love about Trévo is that it gives me a sense of well being; it makes me feel great. It seems like the longer I keep taking Trévo, the more it helps me. So I'm definitely making sure that I'm not without it. With it being great-tasting and in a liquid form, it makes it easy and convenient to take. With over 174 vitamins and minerals, I now have a peace of mind knowing that I will get all the nutrients my body needs.

"In addition to having better health, I am receiving those beautiful green checks."

~ Tim M.



"I have been taking 3 oz. of Trévo everyday for 10 days and I have already lost 5 lbs. without even trying. I can already tell my energy level is higher and my skin is softer. WOW! What a difference in 10 days. Just think what the results will be in 30 days. Awesome!"

~ Randa W.


Trévo is amazing! I had heart bypass surgery some time ago, and the prescription medication I had to take for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc. made me ache and slowed me down to the point I didn't want to do anything at all. I started taking Trévo and loved the energy and sense of wellness that it provides. When I went in for routine blood tests, my doctor saw a difference in the results and started slowly taking me off all my prescription medications. I recently had a stress test and the doctor could not believe I was doing so well and not taking any prescription drugs. Thank you, Trévo!

~ Mike


"Wow, what an incredible feeling to finally find an all-natural supplement that has everything my body needs and more. It has been years since I have experienced such increased energy and mental alertness. I have never taken a product like Trévo and I will never be without it! Thanks for fueling my body!

~ Carol S.


"Trévo works! I can now think clearer and have more energy. Everyone should drink it."
~ Cliff R.


"Trévo is incredible! The energy and mental focus that it creates is amazing, and I absolutely love this product. Thanks, Mark and Holli, for a product that is changing the way people take care of their health. It's my honor to be part of such a wonderful company that is not only going to help my family physically but also financially as well."
~ Paul G.


"If you're ready for a delicious fruit smoothie drink that gives you a power-packed punch of energy and mental alertness, take Trévo! A fruity taste that's so smooth ... you'll absolutely love it! I have no health issues thanks to Trévo. In fact, one of my avenues of exercise is mowing my lawn. My energy level is so amazing that I can mow all 9,300 sq. feet in 3 hours and still have energy to burn! At age 55, I can mow as fast as when I was 35! Thank you, Mark and Holli, for the awesome one and only complete health system on the planet ... Trévo!"
~ Linda K.


"Wow! What an amazing product! Trévo gives me all the energy I need, even to the end of the day, which allows me to exercise. I'm finding that it is also beneficial in the support of a healthy blood pressure. Honestly, I would recommend this product to anyone, especially those who are struggling with weight management and need energy. I have dropped one size, and I feel this fantastic product played a large part in my success. Thank you, Trévo."
~ Katrina S.

"My entire family has gotten involved in Trévo. It is soooo easy to tell people about the company because we know the product truly can change their lives. We have seen and experienced many health products, but nothing compares to Trévo. This stuff really is amazing!"
~ Jessica D.


"Trévo is an absolutely awesome product. I feel wonderful when I take it, and have more energy for the whole day. Thank you for this product."
~ Sharon G.


"Trévo is a product that just makes sense. I am 55 years old, and am already in love with this incredible product. I have great health and energy and I want to keep it that way. I enjoy spending quality time with my three children and five grandchildren, who also take Trévo. This amazing product gives me the energy and assurance that I can keep my great health and be here for my family."
~ Greg P.


"I have noticed after taking Trévo for a little over a week that I have a lot more energy. Thanks for a great product!"
~ Matt U.


"Trévo is a great way to stay healthy and keep my weight on target. I am 53 years old and a very active grandmother of five wonderful grandchildren. My health has never been better and is helping me maintain a healthy, lean body. Plus, the energy is amazing. Thank you, Trévo!"
~ Paula P.

"In the few short weeks that I have been taking Trévo, I have felt energized and have even started losing weight without changing my diet at all. I feel that taking this product has dramatically strengthened my immune system, when everyone around me is getting sick and going to the doctor."
~ Amanda S.


"A year and a half ago, I got involved in adventure racing which is a very intense sport. When I was introduced to Trévo recently, I was hooked right away! I am the oldest person on my racing team and now, with the help of Trévo, I'm the fastest! I find that I have plenty of energy for training, and after a hard race I take the product to help with recovery. I am now involved in the business side of it as well and can hardly believe how fast it is growing. I look forward to having extra time to spend with my family because of this amazing opportunity."
~ Nathan O.

"Trévo is such a blessing to our lives. My husband is a Life and Health Coach and he absolutely loves it. He looks forward to talking with people every day about the opportunity to change their health and their finances. We are seeing Trévo help many of our friends. From weight loss, blood pressure support, and increased energy to even clearing up dermatological problems, this is the best product we have ever experienced. I just had a baby, and am on a mission to lose weight. I know that this product has given me the energy I need to get back to the gym."
~ Jessica L.

"I am a 54 year old factory worker and commute each day approximately 80 miles. Before taking Trévo, I would get home, plop down in my chair, and fall asleep. Now after the long working hours and traveling time, I arrive home with plenty of energy. I go to bed at night at 10:00 PM just because it is bedtime. My energy level is unbelievable!"
~ Susie M.

"I am a 41-year-old musician in a rock band and I started taking Trévo a few weeks ago. So far, I've lost several pounds and 2 pant sizes! Also, even under stressful situations, my clarity of thought has noticeably improved. I'll never be without Trévo ever again."
~ Wayne H.


"I have been taking Trévo for a little over 3 weeks. In the past, I would have to eat something at times whether I was hungry or not because of sugar levels plummeting. My normal routine in the afternoon when I came home from work was to eat something to try and bring my sugar level up. Since I started taking Trévo, my sugar levels have stabilized and I no longer have to eat something to bring my sugar level up."
~ B. C. Jr.

"Trévo has given me a lot of things to be thankful for. For a long time, I have been trying to lose weight but I couldn't. That is, until I recently tried Trévo. I'm now well on my way to my goal weight! I was also having some serious skin issues, but the doctors couldn't tell me what was wrong. After just a few weeks on Trévo, my skin began to clear up and now my skin is completely healthy. If you haven't tried Trévo yet, I urge you to. You'll like it!"
~ Charles D.

"After giving birth to my third baby in four years, I needed to get serious about losing some weight. I started taking Trévo a week after the baby was born, and I'm loving the way the "baby weight" is melting away. Also, with a new baby, I am not getting much sleep. I don't know what I would do if it weren't for Trévo. It gives me the energy I need to take care of my three little ones. I believe it also helps boost my immune system. I absolutely love Trévo and will never be without it!"
~ Jessica G.


"Trévo keeps me young. I am 81 years young, and each morning my wife and I take Trévo mixed in a healthy smoothie. We are both retired school teachers and still love working with kids. We have a home daycare and keep five pre-school kids Monday through Friday. Trévo gives us the health and energy to do what we love."
~ Harry P.

"I love Trévo and will never be without it. I'm a single mother of 5 children, 3 of which are under 8 years of age. I take two ounces of Trévo every single morning before I do anything else just to keep up with my kids! It's what gets me through the day with plenty of energy and mental focus, and helps balance my blood sugar while also helping me maintain a healthy blood pressure. And it's even helping to curb my appetite. Thank you so much for such an amazing product. It's really true that health and wealth flow from the same bottle at Trévo!"
~ Kelly L.

"After taking Trévo for three days, I happened to be out with the kids shopping and it dawned on me that I wasn't exhausted like I normally am. I was actually enjoying myself and felt better then I had in years! I have had some health issues and have been praying to God for an answer. I feel this product is it!"
~ Dana V.


"I don't go a day without Trévo! Several years ago, I was in a car wreck that left me in chronic pain for years. I developed severe arthritis around the base of my skull and my tail bone. I have found that when I take Trévo and keep my body's pH level balanced, I can live a normal, pain-free life. I also am no longer on steroids for severe allergies and no longer suffer with ringing in my ears or jaw pain from TMJ. Every member of my family takes a shot of Trévo first thing every morning. This allows us to start our day off with great focus and vibrant energy!"
~ Penny L.

"I've been taking Trévo for about 2 weeks now and I'm feeling so much better! I suffer from fibromyalgia, and have noticed that during the past 2 weeks, the pain has reduced by at least 50%. I also have more energy and a feeling of well-being. Plus, I haven't been experiencing the usual malaise associated with fibromyalgia. I had been having terrible headaches that wouldn't go away, even after taking Tylenol. Now, however, they're completely gone. This is a very good product!"
~ Antoinette V.

"I'm a tri-athlete, and since being on Trévo I've noticed an increase in my endurance and speed time trials, especially on the treadmill. In fact, my times have dropped significantly (by 8%) for a 6-mile run on the treadmill! For tri-athletes who try to shave seconds on their times, this is a huge improvement and I credit it to Trévo."
~ Michele H.

"I have tried many other nutritional products. Not only did I not like the taste, but the energy from them seemed to wear off long before my day was over. In my line of work, you have to be alert every second. With Trévo, I've found that I maintain my energy level and my alertness - even past the time my workday is over. Plus, I like the taste!"
~ Veronika Q.


"I've had a lot of stomach problems in the past, including ulcers and gall bladder problems so when I discovered that I was expecting, I was pretty concerned about the whole morning sickness thing. I'm very happy to report that I felt great all during my pregnancy and never had a bit of problem with queasiness at all. Plus, since I work in an emergency room, I'm constantly exposed to all kinds of viruses and other illnesses. Taking two ounces of Trévo every day has helped keep me healthy, feeling great, and my energy level going strong."
~ Rebecca S.

"My former boss recently introduced me to Trévo. She said, "As a busy person with no energy, you need to take this!" I started taking the product a week ago and I can't believe how good I feel. I used to go to bed at 10PM every night because I was so completely worn out. Now if I go to bed at 10PM, it's because I choose to. This stuff makes me feel like a young woman!"
~ Susie N.


"I recently started taking Trévo in the morning and again at night. I no longer have to drag myself out of bed to get going at 7AM. I now get up at 5AM ready to go and take on the day. Everybody needs to take Trévo!"
~ Edwina V.


"I'm the mother of three very active boys, so I don't have much extra time to spend on myself. I try to eat right and exercise, but have often felt like I just didn't have the energy to keep up with my boys. I would drink a Pepsi for a quick but short-lived energy boost, but noticed that I was putting on a few pounds. I'm now experiencing the "power of wellness" with Trévo and have seen a huge difference in my energy levels. Also, I like that it is in a delicious liquid form because I have a hard time swallowing pills. My life is now on the upswing thanks to Trévo!"
~ Debbie B.



TRÉVO Testimony

Trevo Testimony"My twins were born 5.26.08. Sara was healthy while William suffered with a low immune system. He has been in and out of hospitals and doctor offices, as well as placed on several medications for everything from acid reflux to allergies to breathing treatments for asthma. You could hear him wheezing all the time. William didn't have the health and stamina to play like his sister. In October of 2010 he started drinking TRÉVO. The difference was remarkable. William spent his first Christmas at home in 2010 and is now off all his medication. He is able to play like a typical little boy and is looking forward to his third birthday being illness-free. I love TRÉVO!"
~ Lacey B.

Another Trévo Success Story!

Jaye - Before and After"I started drinking 2 to 3 ounces of delicious Trévo a day for health reasons. I loved the extra energy and clarity, and my health improved greatly. Then I noticed my food cravings no longer controlled me and I started making better food choices. It's been the easiest 68 pounds I've ever lost. Drinking and sharing Trévo with others has its perks. I love enhancing my family's lives with all my green Trévo checks. What separates us from everyone else is that Trévo will be the next billion dollar brand. Don't regret not getting busy now in sharing this life-changing opportunity! Your family will be glad you did."

~ Jaye G.

Trévo™ I Lost 60 lbs!

i just wanted to share a first hand testimony on not just the power of health with Trevo but also the Power of the Income Opportunity. I have dropped 60 lbs on this amazing product. I know longer suffer from allergies and I live pain free from the arthritis in my back due to a car wreck in 1981. This product has completely transformed my body. As a full time mother I found that the network marketing industry allowed me to continue my life of being a professional and earn executive income and even more. I have earned millions in this industry working from my home. I aligned myself up with Trevo because their Global Straight line Matix. Everyone benefits in the Global revenue in the Team bonuses. This is the first company I have seen to tie in the entire Global Revenue into a bonus plan like this one. I believe that Trevo offers me the opportunity to earn 10x what I have already earned in this industry because of their powerful 8 ways to make money. Having just launched in Nov 2010, in 6 short months Trevo is operating and shipping products and commissions to 14 countries already.

Penny Lopez

Signing Up for the Matrix

Hi Lopez, How can I sign up for the matrix?

Signing Up for the Trevo Business

Go here: and "click" on Enroll Now.  

Trevo: What is in it for my autistic child

My 10 years old daughter who is autistic is presently on some food supplements and she is doing relatively well, but a friend have (has) just recommended Trevo . Did (Do) you feel Trevo can be of help for an autistic child?

Trevo Testimonials

We cannot make any statements that can be constued as medical advice.  However, we can refer you to these many testimonials that people just like you have submitted about Trevo:

Trevo Autism?

If food supplements are aiding, then I believe Trevo will be of great benefit to your daughters health, as it contains 170+ health promoting "supplements".

TREVO - Its fantastic

It's fantastic!

Trevo Healing Testimony

June last year i had a serous problem to stand erect on my legs and couldnt stand for 5munites without sever pain. Doctor asked me to do Xray and tesult showed lumbago. The doctor said only physiotherapy is the solution and medication. Yet the pain and discomfort persisted. Luckly i met a guy at the airport and asked him to stand for me in a long queue for my flight ticket. He asked why and i told him l have lumbago. He introduced trevo to me as a solution and gave me his mobile and said hes an agent. Reluctantly i saved his line. Three weeks after the pain became worst and unbearable i called the agent to sell a bottle for a trial. Believe me after 3weeks its like a miracle the pains disappeared and gain 100% full erection on my legs uptil now. I still take it to date. My doctor was surprised when i told him the wonders and ever since he recommends this to people both old and young who have ostrophite or bone issue and also good for atritis etc. I recommended it to a close family with stroke. He used it 3times daily after food now recovered. He can work without support and his mouth is straightened and talks clearly. Thanks for wonder drug Trevo. Salami S. O

Compensation Plan

If I wanted to join Trevo as a business what is the compensation plan like?

Trevo Compensation Plan

Go to our Trevo website here: and "click" on the Opportunity Tab.

Your Enroller: Online Coral Calcium, Inc. 

CID# 4398688

Trevo Preferred Customer Instructions

Go to our Trevo Corp site:

In the upper right-hand corner "click" on Enroll Now. Choose Enroll Preferred Customer, or if you want the opportunity to be a distributor of Trevo, "click" Trevo Director Power Start Enrollment Business System.

As a Preferred Customer you buy your first bottle for $50.00 (U.S.) and can add additional bottles for $39.00, and lower!

As a Trevo Power Start Enrollment Business System you buy (3) bottles for $150.00 (U.S) and can add additional bottles for a savings of $20.00 or more!

As a Trevo Director Power Start Enrollment Business System you buy (6) bottles for $300.00 (U.S.), and can add additional bottles for a savings of $20.00 or more!.

This should be displayed -

Your Enroller: Online Coral Calcium, Inc. CID# 4398688

Where can you buy Trevo

Where can you buy trevo in America?

Buy Trevo Right Here!

You buy Trevo right here, and we ship it to you.  To become a distributor and buy Trevo at wholesale proces, just follow the directions here:

"Click" Here

To buy Trevo

I want to order trevo with my credit card,I live in Houston Texas.

Buy Trevo

Just "click" on the Add to Cart button and complete your order.

Buy Trévo™ Now!


Cost of Trevo to the Common Man is High

I just started to take trevo few weeks back. trevo is good but to the conmon man it is very high in cost. I did sampled the mind of some close friend who need it but there complains are, the cost is on the high side. Am talking about those who need it for there health not for business or to make wealth. Where we stay the cost is =N= 12,500 per bottle and this will last you just a week. please see to this and proffare solution to it as in getting it more cheaper and closer to these people. For me i beleive trevo will do a new thing in my life and i will testify of it. Thanks. Oluka T.

Trevo Cost


If you were to add up and purchase the ingredients in TREVO you would spend hundreds of dollars.  Consider the 100+ health beneficial ingredients in TREVO.  Also, "if" taking TREVO created a state of health for you; that prevented you from getting ill, staying healthy.  What kind of price could you put on that?

- Robert

How Much Trevo Should I Take?

Activate And Accelerate Trévo’s Power Of Wellness

Activation Level 
Two ounces of Trévo’s super-nutrition per day activates your body’s response to the positive effects of Trévo. This activation level can be enjoyed in one or two ounce servings per day, with or without food. Children between the ages of 2 and 12 should consume 1⁄4 ounce for every 20 pounds of body weight, not to exceed one ounce per day.

Acceleration Level
Many people enjoy accelerated health benefits by taking three ounces of Trévo each day. Significantly increased energy levels and weight management support are just two of the benefits most frequently noticed by those who drink an acceleration level of Trévo.


Mark Stevens - Trevo Interview

Go here to watch the NEW Mark Stevens - Trevo Interview

"Click" Here

Trevo Compared to Sea Silver

Let me know the differences between the two products, nutritional differences. From my initial observations its only Mangosteen, another superfruit. I do drink cranberry juice several days a wk as well as a glass of low-sodium V8 daily in addition to eating fresh veggies and fruits that I also eat. I am also looking into what the GNC has to offer. Listing what areas of the world something comes from is not a selling point for me. The nutritional listing, if its a whole fruit and percentages of that ingredient are. Thank you for your pending info on this product. Miss Julie

Trevo/Sea Aloe Info.

Health challenges (Trevo)

I have health challenges: energy loss, diabetes and HIV. what can Trevo do for me?

Trevo and Health Challenges

Read some of the health challenges people were experiencing and their testimonials on this page.



Curing Cancer (Trevo)

We are not allowed to say Trevo cures anything.  However, you can read some of the personal testimonials from folks who used Trevo on this site.


Do u have suppliers in the USA.

USA Trevo Supplier

We are USA Suppliers... You can order here, on our website.

Trevo Prefered Customer Bonuses

Trévo is excited to announce that we are instating referral commissions! Effective immediately, Trévo will reward Preferred Customers with a $20 referral bonus for each enrollment made under their name! Want to increase your income? You can use your referral commissions towards upgrading to Life and Health Coach status and officially begin building your Trévo business!


and experience a life without limits...

Here's how: 

NOTE:  All prices are quoted in U.S. DOLLARS and will be converted once your country code is entered in the application to order. There is also a $20 one time membership to get Trevo at member cost.  Go here: - "click" on the Enroll Link. Then, check the agreement box.

STEP 1:  Choose your Country, then "click" continue...

NOTE:  Trévo will reward Preferred Customers with a $20 referral bonus for each enrollment made under their name! Want to increase your income? You can use your referral commissions towards upgrading to Life and Health Coach status and officially begin building your Trévo business!

  • The minimum system you want to start with Is the POWER START BUSINESS SYSTEM 3 BOTTLES/1case  $150, (retails for $65). WHY?  You will drink 2 oz a day and it will take 2 bottles your first month to begin your Trevo benefits. We believe a consumer should commit to drinking Trevo for 90 days to give it the full opportunity to begin to Renew, Revive & Restore their cellular health. So be sure and look at Step 3 for discount benefits.

(If you refer a friend you will receive a $60 bonus if they order this same system as long as you did you autoship the month prior for your personal consumption)



  • CONSUMER ONLY- you will WANT to sign up for autoship so you can get Trevo at 30% off the wholesale cost ($35 a bottle if you buy 3 bottles/1 case or more monthly) REMEMBER you will be consuming 2oz a day min. So this is 2 bottles min. Monthly just for your consumption.
  • BUSINESS BUILDER - you will want to order the 2 case autoship. Keep 2 and sell 4 monthly for $50 each, this will almost pay for the 2 you drink. Now you will want to share the Trevo Opportunity with those 4 so they can get it at cost and earn commissions sharing.  You receive a website, like ours , to share and build your Trevo Business with. 

STEP 4:  This is where you input all your personal data.  We, will be your Enroller: Online Coral Calcium, Inc., Phone # 914.333.0466, CID# 4398688 

STEP 5: This is where you decide how you will pay for your system (the same payment method is also used monthly to process your autoshipment). 

  • If you submit your application and it does not process, scan up the page and see if any sections are highlighted in Red. Correct this section and then click through every section below again to the submit button.  Submit it again. If you have any problems or questions while completing the application online, Call us, toll-free at 1.877.330.1120. If you get our voice mail, PLEASE leave a message, tell us you are online, and let us know what your question is. If we can call you right back right away, we will. If not, we will call you back as soon as possible with best instructions and answers. 


If you would like to market Trevo please let us know as soon as you sign up so we can set up your training schedule.  Also make sure you do an autoship monthly to qualify for commissions and note you must have entered your Social security number for income purposes if in the U.S.

We have a system that has allowed members of our team to earn $20,000-$70,000 a month in less than 2 yrs and earn a luxury car in less than a year.  THIS COULD BE YOU!!! 

If we are not connected on FACEBOOK, please ask us to be a friend. You can find us at

We are so excited to hear back from you when you get your Trevo.

Live A Life Without Limits, That's Us, That's YOU!

Trevo Certifications

Trevo Certifications 
orac-white.jpg halal-white.jpg kosher-white.jpg cap-e-white.jpg vegetarian-001.jpg

ORAC Certified Tested and certified by Brunswick Laboratories, scoring a phenomenal rating of over 373,000 per bottle. 

View ORAC Certificate

HALAL Certified: A food label is stamped HALAL if the contents of the food conform with Islamic dietary laws. 

View HALAL Certificate

Kosher Certified: An industrial Kosher certification allows Trévo to be available for everyone to consume, regardless of religious affiliation. 

View Kosher Certificate

CAP-e Certified Cell-based Antioxidant Protection in Erythrocytes (CAP-e) testing is the latest in cutting-edge antioxidant measurements Vegetarian: Trévo’s all-natural blend is 100% vegetarian, making it a wonderful nutritional option for nearly everyone, regardless of diet!

Trevo $10K Proven Wealth Formula

Trevo 5 Who Get 5 $10k Plan

If you follow this plan exactly, what you will have made in just 90 Days!
(Hint: if we're 90% wrong... you make $1,005.00)

"Click" to Enlarge

Trevo the Proven Wealth Formula

Trevo - Get Ready UK!

Wow, My UK visit was a HUGE SUCCESS!!!

Trevo is Exploding Around the Globe!!! Europe get Ready, Trevo is Taking Over to Empower People with the Extraordinary Trevo Lifestyle!!! I'm headed back to the U.S. On FIRE!!! I can't sleep thinking about where we're Going!!! My girls are waiting and I'm ready to see the 2 most Beautiful Girls in the World!!! They are the Loves of my Life!!!

"Click" on the Enroll Link NOW!!!

Trevo 5-Minute Product Video

UK Trevo Power Presentation

UK Trevo Power Presentation

"Click" Here to View

Trevo Platinum Leader

Trevo Platinum Leaders

Why You Should Join My Team!


Reagan Kimolo Akamba

Daniel Nsonia Kabakodi Bashala

Alison Bibel

Alicia Ford

Craig Green ($500 Bronze Bonus)

Ben Hammond

Sujata Nareshrao Kakad

Jordan Mills ($500 Bronze Bonus)

Michel Kabangu Mutombo

Sarita Naik

Glenn Pollard

Cecilia Quartey

Haobijam Thanin Singh

Khundrakpam Rameshkumar Singh

Robert Smutek

Radhakrishna U V

Chad Wayland

Trevo Winners!

Congratulations to Trévo's 
Las Vegas Trip Earners!

Trévo is absolutely thrilled to announce the individuals who earned a trip to FABULOUS LAS VEGAS! These individuals went above and beyond through our #Trévo365Recharged promotion and will now celebrate their success on an amazing Vegas getaway! 

This trip will take place in April. Full details will be announced to winners shortly. 

Complete list of winners: 

Growth Enterprise Call America

Robert Smutek

Louis Wharton

Trina Mullins 

Janice Fischer

Christina Allman

James Kelley

Stan Walsh

Sami Morgan


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