Pandora Female Sexual Enhancer


Sexual Enhancer for Women

Pandora Female Enhancement PillsPandora is the only pill that actually works for women. Safe with alcohol, Pandora takes effect in less than 30 minutes and promises an amazingly pleasurable, passionate, and powerful experience.*

Pandora is an all-natural supplement designed to both enhance desire as well as increase physical pleasure. Pandora will give you a tingling experience, and promises the most mind-blowing sex you've had!*

Create the desire you and your man have been wishing for - Pandora!

Pandora 1-Count Blister Pack $4.99

Pandora 3-Count Box $14.99

Pandora 8-Count Box $24.99 - * Currently Out-of-Stock

Ladies - Here it is Pandora

After years of selling sexual enhancers for men; allowing them to have all the fun, and having them ask, "yeah... but what do you have to get my lady in the mood?" we are happy to give the ladies, and their men what they've been asking for - Pandora!

  • Pandora Pills are all-natural
  • Pandora Pills will intensify desire*
  • Pandora Pills will give you a pleasurable, tingling experience*
  • Pandora Pills work even after consuming alcohol*
Pandora Ingredients
Supplement Facts  

Serving Size: 1 capsule
Servings Per Container: 1

 One Capsule Contains  Amount DV
Proprietary Blend
Sclareolide, Sceletium Tortuosum, Epimedium, Sagittatum,
Catuaba, Rutaecarpine
 500mg *
 * %Daily Value (DV) not established  

Directions: Take (1) one capsule 30 minutes prior to sexual activity.  To maintain MAXIMUM pleasure take 1-2 capsules every 24-36 hours.  results work best when physically stimulated.

Pandora Female Sexual Enhancer

Pandora Awesome

Pandora, is simply awesome. Men have all this stuff to make them hard, harder and last longer and women don't have anything at all. Within about 20-30 mins after taking one Pandora - I'm ready to go, juices are flowing and I'm aroused and ready to go. I promise if you take this, you will experience sex and the BIG O like never before.*

Porn Shop Employee (Pandora)

My customers SWEAR by this pill, as do I it's amazing*

Pandora - Wooo!

Just tried it last night, amazingggggggggg!!!!*

Pandora (Review)

I have a hard time getting sexually stimulated due to stress and this makes it easier because it works.*

Pandora - tried this pill today

It worked very fast. It wore off too fast for me. I think I need 2 next time with alcohol. It was like I didn't have a care in the world. Sex was much better and my bf (boyfriend) was pleased too! Totally safe!*


I ordered this for my lady and it really worked, she was totally like a horny sex machine like never before. She says this is the pill for her after trying a few other pills out there. I also ordered the Rockhard weekend for myself from the same company, it didnt do anything for me.*

PANDORA - We Agree!

Yes, we agree, PANDORA has been a very effective product for many women. We have witnessed a good percentage of women who buy PANDORA for the first time, who come back as repeat customers.

As for Rockhard Weekend... keep in mind that these male-enhancement products are very "personal" products.  What works for one user may not work for another.  That's why we offer several different brands and formulas.  Our #1 selling male-enhancement product continues to be Mojo Risen.  However, products like All Night Long, and Man-King (you cannot beat the price on this one!) are catching on with a large portion of our customers.  If you want a Real Wild Woman, and prolonged intimacy, try Potion 9!  Potion 9 Mood Shots will reduce, or eliminate any inhibitions she may have, and for him, really reduce the chance of PE (premature ejaculation).

Have Fun :)*

I Love Pandora!

Just tried Pandora during some alone time ;) and does it ever work! I dug my nails into my thighs and screamed! About to start playing again now :)*

Pandora: I've read the reviews...

I've read the Pandora reviews and I want to take my sex life to a different level. I can't wait to receive my order.

Pandora - I say WOW

I Pandora tried last night and I wanted to keep going all night and I skip going to work this morning I had to have more,. This is the one for me.*

Pandora - Mind Blowing!

Tried Pandora and got a rush after taking it, 20 minutes later, it was bam! I was instantly ready to go like never before. My man loves it when I take these. Having without is boring now. Gotta try these! C.W.*

I tried Pandora...

I tried Pandora. It is a awesome pill. 30 minutes after taking it, I was so ready. Never had anything like it. Alcohol are (is) even better with it.*

Tried Pandora

Wow this stuff (Pandora) actually works!!!! It kicked in after like 20 minutes. I will have to keep buying this.*

PANDORA for Women - used it

...had the best sex ever with my man*

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