Mood Enhancers

Euphoria Rx Mood Enhancer

Euphoria RX Mood Enhancer | 16 Capsules

100% legal and highly effective!

Euphoria Rx Mood EnhancerIf you are looking to take the edge off, Euphoria Rx from Blackstone Labs is here! We all get stressed out at work. We all have long days and sometimes long nights. What has the solution been in the past? Drinking! Well most of us cannot risk a night of drinking or illegal drunks, or the hangover the morning after. Blackstone Labs brings the solution to all of it...Euphoria Rx. *

Kratom XL

NEW! KRATOM XL - Our #1 Selling Herbal Relaxation Shot!

100% Legal Herbal mood enhancement formula

Kratom XL Herbal Mood EnhancerALL NEW innovative way of taking the very popular Kratom strain! Safe Effective LONG LASTING Kratom being in the same botanical family as coffee, has been used for centuries.

Resurrect by Fahrenheit Nutrition

Resurrect by Fahrenheit Nutrition

Trouble Sleeping? Look no further than Resurrect!

Resurrect Sleep TherapyResurrect is a sleep aid that provides uncompromising REM sleep, RESURRECT prepares your body for maximum gains and full muscle recovery, combined with life-balancing, mood-enhancement. *

Sleep is essential to rest your body and restore energy levels. However, sleep is an active state that affects both your physical and mental well-being. A good night’s sleep is often the best way to help you cope with stress, solve problems, or recover from illness. RESURRECT‘s sleep formula prepares your body for maximum gains and full muscle recovery, combined with life-balancing, mood-enhancing, uncompromised REM sleep. *



by Formutech Nutrition

Lean-EFX by FormutechLEAN-EFX™ is the most advanced product on the market today to help shed unwanted fat, reduce weight, increase natural energy levels, and achieve your fitness goals!*

LEAN-EFX™ is formulated to help reduce body fat and sculpt your body, producing a lean athletic build. Increased energy, an elevated mood, and LEAN-EFX™’s product science will put you on the path to a happy, healthier life.*

Red Bliss Capsules

Red Bliss - Powerful Mood Enhancing Capsules

According to our customers, OUR best herbal pill product, Red Bliss is a mood enhancer composed of natural herbs. Red Bliss brings you a synergistic matrix of today's BEST organic compounds designed to enhance sensitivity and stimulation; effects include extreme aphrodisia and mood enhancement.*

Legal Buds Online Store

Legal Buds 

Legal BudThe world's greatest and largest Herbal Smoke Shop, your #1 SOURCE for the world's Strongest and Most Enjoyable 100% natural legal buds, herbal hybrid smokes, herbal smoke, Herbal Vaporizers, herbal mood enhancement supplements, rolling papers, digital scales, tobacco pipes and more...

Red Dawn Vector Extra

Vector Extra Pills

Party Enhancer

Vector Extra PillVector Extra Pill by Red Dawn is a new highly potent mood and Euphoria enhancer designed to give lovers the true experience they're looking for. This product is also great if you are partying at a club or social event and want the added edge of sensual touch and pleasure while mingling with others.*

Vector Extra Party Enhancer 1 Pill Pack by Red Dawn

Red Dawn Liquid

Red Dawn Liquid

Extra Energy - Extra Mood Enhancement

Red dawn LiquidJust like the original capsule, the Red Dawn liquid works faster and will give you the same euphoric trip! Two-four capfuls are recommended. Enjoy the ride.*

CAUTION: DO NOT DRIVE OR OPERATE ANY MACHINERY AFTER USING THIS PRODUCT! Exceeding recommended serving may cause extreme nervousness, euphoria, or unclarity in visual perception.



Induces Sleep And Acts As A Muscle Relaxant

Somatomax Sleep Aid HGH ReleaseWith its unique sleep inducing formula, Somatomax works to promote healthy sleep by increasing the release of HGH during the first hours of your sleep. HGH helps your immune system so that you recover more quickly and efficiently from the stresses of the day than ever before. *

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