MAN-KING Extra Strength Male Enhancement


Extra Strength Male Enhancement Pills

Man King Sex PillsWOW MAN-KING!  Take (1) MAN KING capsule and you better be ready to go! Why? 'Cause within 15-30 minutes MAN KING will be. MAN KING is more of an "on-demand" male-enhancement pill. Unlike Mojo Risen, that you can take any time of day, stays in your system 2-3 days, and allows you to "be ready when the moment is right...", the ideal way to take MAN KING is to take (1) capsules 15-30 minutes before sexual activity. REPLACED WITH STRONGER, LESS EXPENSIVE AFRICAN BLACK ANT ("CLICK" HERE")

BIGGER, THICKER, EXCEED Your Lover's Desires!

MAN KING Male Enhancement Pills are made from high grade natural botanicals and other natural ingredients.  The combination of these ingredients induce effects desired by those preparing to engage in sexual activity.  Some of the MAN KING effects include:

  • Quicker to attain erections
  • Harder erections
  • Longer lasting erections
  • Reduces premature ejaculation
  • Decreases "down time"
  • Increases length and girth

MAN KING is Priced to MOVE!

Man-King 5 Capsule BoxEach box of Man King contain (5) capsules.
$11.45/box - that's just $2.29 per capsule!
Our supplier advises us that this product has been discontinued due to FDA Regulations.  We recommend these other male enhancement products for your consideration:
"Click" Here for our recommended replacements

Man King [Usage and Dosage]: Take one capsule per time,10 minutes before sexual intercourse.

Man King [Ingredients]: Man King contains an herbal blend that includes the following ingredients: Ginseng, Scalpers Penis, Chinese Matrimony Vine, Pilose Antler of Young Stags, Longan Sarcocarp, Lily, Buffalos Penis and Fur Seals Penis.

Man King Works Fast!

Testing MAN KING I found this to be the type of product you can take when the moment unexpectantly presents itself, and you don't have any Mojo in your system.  MAN KING works FAST!  I felt the effects in less than 30 minutes.  And, for the price, how can you go wrong?  The effects of MAN KING don't last as long as Mojo Risen, but again, it is a different kind of male product.  If you use a Man King Capsule on Friday Night, and the opportunity presents itself again on Saturday Night, you'll need to take another 1-capsule dose of MAN KING.  This should be available to start shipping the week of May 07, 2012.


IN-STOCK AND SHIPPING!  5/7/2012: Just received PLENTY of MAN-KING to fills orders.  MAN-KING requests are coming in, and we've had the product less than 12 hours!  WOW!!!

King Kong Man

Really works!! Very convenient since is as per needed use dose and don't have to be taking on an empty stomach, works through the next day.


Unquestionably, the best on the market. I dont quite think it lasts as long as Mojo Risen, but its comparable, if not better.. You will get a lot more requests.


MAN-KING is back in-stock and shipping.  Get YOURS NOW!!!

Natural Male Enhancement (Man King)

This stuff is great. Worked a treat for me...

Real Talk (MAN-KING)

This works so good, the best ever! I used; believe me, if u wanna go hard all night long, or all day long, take just one before u leave d house, it works too good.

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