Kush Cakes

Kush Cakes

Delicious Relaxation Brownies

Kush Cakes Chocolate Relaxation BrowniesKUSH CAKES are a premium relaxation brownie that will melt in your mouth and gives you complete relaxtation! These cakes are baked with love and our proprietary blend of all natural ingredients, featuring Melatonin and Valerian root as the key active ingredients. Lets not forget, lots of luscious chocolate!

Be one of the first to have your own Kush Cake! These are 100% LEGAL and have NO THC or Marijuana in them. They simply give you the same effects as being relaxed and really work!

  • Chocolate Lovers will LOVE Kush Cakes
  • Kush Cakes are a great way to end your stressful day, and allow you to RELAX...
  • Kush Cakes may help to get your sleep-wake cycle back on track!

Kush Cakes contain melatonin.  Our bodies naturally produce melatonin (in the pineal gland in the brain) as an essential part of our normal sleep-wake cycle; when that cycle is disrupted, it's thought that taking the supplements helps get us back on track. The hormone is also being clinically tested as a potential treatment for a wide-range of ailments, including insomnia, seasonal affective disorder and chronic cluster headaches. However, there are concerns - Read Here  Kush Cakes are also infused with a blend of valerian root and rose hips chamomile.

Next time you are in need of a chocolate treat that will ease the stress and calm the nerves of your busy lifestyle, grab a Kush Cake.

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